Meet the Founder

I'm Sarah, the founder of Aspiring CAA, and I'm here to help guide you on your journey to becoming a certified anesthesiologist assistant (CAA).

Professionally, I serve as a practicing certified anesthesiologist assistant, clinical preceptor, and assistant professor.

Insider Knowledge

With an extensive background in admissions committees and application review, I offer insights into the nuances of the CAA application process. I help demystify admissions complexities and provide you with a clear path to CAA school.

Discovering My CAA Passion

My journey began with aspirations for veterinary school, but during my junior year at The University of Georgia, I began rethinking my career path. Networking revealed the exciting world of the CAA profession, prompting me to decline my veterinary school seat and instead, enroll in Emory University's anesthesiologist assistant program. Reflecting on this journey, I'm happy with my decision and grateful for the mentors who shaped my path.

Bridging the Information Gap

When I began the application process to CAA school, resources felt scarce. It's almost a decade later, and prospective CAAs still tell me they struggle to find reliable admissions help.

Motivated by the challenges I faced in navigating the opaque application process, I founded Aspiring CAA. My mission is to provide aspiring CAAs with the resources and support I wished for during my professional journey.

Step Into Your CAA Journey With Confidence

Embark on your CAA journey confidently, equipped with trustworthy resources and an advocate who believes in your potential.


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Aspiring CAA is the go-to blog for expert advice on how to become a CAA. Founded by a practicing certified anesthesiologist assistant, clinical preceptor, and assistant professor at a master of medical science program in anesthesiology, Aspiring CAA makes admissions guidance readily available to all aspiring anesthesiologist assistants. With admission committee experience and an intricate knowledge of the admissions process, Aspiring CAA takes the guess work out of applying to CAA school.

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