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FAQs with Awakened Anesthetist Podcast

Awakened Anesthetist asks and Aspiring CAA answers your commonly asked questions. Listen to the podcast episodes released on 2/16/2024 and 2/19/2024 to learn more!

Shadowing Prep Guide

Are you getting ready to shadow an anesthesia professional and wondering if you're ready? Look no further. Get instant access to comprehensive guidance on how to prepare.

Ultimate Shadowing Debrief Guide

If you've already shadowed an anesthesia professional and want guidance organizing your thoughts, this resource is perfect for you! Save it to your desktop and use it after every time you shadow. It will be a great resource to pull from for your personal statement.

Shadowing Tracker

Stay organized by logging all the important details of each shadowing experience in this excel document. When you begin filling out CASAA, you'll have all the required information in one place.

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